TBC Metalworks, located in Green Bay Wisconsin, is your source for quality, custom tube bending & pipe bending from prototype to production. We specialize in your custom requirements ranging from large sweep to tight radius bends, for material from 3/8" to 4-1/2" diameter in size, in a variety of materials, profiles, and wall thicknesses. Metal handrails, heating coils, evaporator coils, 180-degree return bends, 360-degree circles, and pipe coils are just a few examples of our custom capabilities.

When your enterprise relies on custom pipe and tube products crafted with finesse to meet highly exact specifications, it is imperative that you trust your business to the best. For over 25 years, TBC Metalworks has been providing pipe bending and tube bending solutions for customers in a variety of industries including: durable equipment manufacturing, construction, contract metal manufacturing, petroleum equipment, process piping, heating coil and evaporator coil equipment, and mechanical contracting for customers across the great state of Wisconsin and the entire continental United States.