TBC Metalworks

TBC Metalworks

We’re Bullish On Bends

It’s more than a bend. It’s greatness in geometry with a skilled touch. And it’s TBC Metalworks that’s supplying the industry with the materials, tolerances, and finished product that your market demands. We’re growing and we’re taking our commitment to our customers along on the journey.


We specialize in manufacturing custom tube and pipe products precision bent to your specifications. We have a variety of NC and CNC tube benders to meet your needs. We can bend tube and pipe from 1/4″ to 4″ outside diameter.

Tube Rolling

If you are looking for large radius bends or sweeping bends, we have several NC and CNC tube rolling machines to bend tube precisely to your needs. We can roll from 1/2″ to 4.5″ outside diameter tube and pipe.

Welding & Contract Manufacturing

In addition to bending, we provide TIG and MIG welding services, threading, stainless steel polishing and working with our partners we can provide a complete product including laser cut plates and powder coating.


Bending Like A Boss

TBC specializes in one thing and does it better for our customers. We’re equipped with problem solvers, estimators, and metal-bending neophytes – all working side-by-side to supply superior finished products, bend after bend after bend. On schedule, to spec, as promised. With integrity.

Large sweep to tight radius bends

Material from 3/8” to 4-1/2” diameter

Variety of materials, profiles, and wall thicknesses


We’re Experienced & Respected In Industries Like Yours

your source for quality, custom tube bending & pipe bending

Durable Equipment Manufacturing

Lawn & Garden

Contract Metal Fabrication

Gas Pump Bollards

Farm, Agriculture and Construction Equipment

Heating / Evaporator Coil Equipment

Mechanical Contracting

Commercial Outdoor Applications

Our Workmanship Is Nationally Known.

TBC products are integrated into high-quality equipment, machinery, buildings, and products around the world.

They're Ready.
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