TBC Metalworks

TBC Metalworks

TBC Metalworks Quality

TBC Metalworks prides itself on delivering the right product on time, every time. Are we perfect, no, but we do everything we can to fix any issues that may arise. 

TBC has a wide array of tools used to help ensure quality products are delivered. This starts with having an ERP system to track all products, drawing revisions and production. The company has and continues to expand standard operating procedures and quality processes. The production floor has access to all details needed to make the products and employees are empowered to do what it takes to get the right products made. 

We have an array of measuring tools that include a tube laser measuring system, granite tables, height gauges, calipers and other measuring devices. 

LaserVision Tube Measuring Laser

Our LaserVision Tube Laser Scanner is capable of accurately measuring all tube shapes and radiuses to help ensure accuracy on complicated products.

Granite Tables and Gauges

TBC Metalworks has a wide array of tables, gauges and tools along with processes to measure accurately and provide customers the right parts every time.