TBC Metalworks

TBC Metalworks


People often ask “What does TBC stand for?” and I usually answer with “The Best Company” or “Tube Bending Company”. The truth is the founders were not creative with names, as the actual meaning is “Tollefson Brothers Company”, founded in a garage in 1987 by John and Paul Tollefson in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Paul was given a bender by someone that he worked with, and they started to make bollards for gas stations. The first order or two they did in John’s driveway. About this time, they asked the rest of the brothers, Carl, Eric and Mark to join the business.

From 1987 until 1997, it was a part-time business run out of 2000 sq ft unheated, no amenities building on Packerland Drive in Green Bay. They all took turns doing the bending. They did mostly bollards at that time, but John started bending other things, all with the one bender.

Over the years, they continued to add benders as more and larger orders were received by the company. In 2005, they moved to a larger location.

By 2015, John and Eric decided it was time to retire. It was at a point where it needed to take a jump to the next level. Eric reached out to his son-in-law and daughter, Glenn and Angela Wells, about moving back home and buying the company to keep it in the family. They decided to go for it. Glenn jumped headfirst into modernizing the business based on his previous business and engineering experience. He implemented the company’s first ERP system and over the years added CNC bending capabilities. In 2022, Glenn decided he had taken the company as far as he wanted and it was time to bring in a new owner. He connected with the current owner, Jason Scruggs, to work out a deal. 

Jason has a wide range of experience helping grow manufacturing companies in a variety of industries, including boating, electronics, textile and plastics. He was previously instrumental with helping grow a plastics company by 10X within 5 years while helping them win multiple best places to work awards. He has implemented a strategic plan and is working tirelessly to make TBC Metalworks the premier tube bender and fabricator in the midwest as well as a goal of being a best place to work in Northeast Wisconsin. 

In 2023, TBC Metalworks outgrew it’s space and moved to a new, larger location in Green Bay to continue growth.

If you are reading this as a prospective customer, give us a shot at your next project and we will work to get you the right product on time. If we fail to meet one of those two items, rest assured we will bend over backwards to make it right and put corrective actions in place to prevent the same issue in the future.

If you are reading this as a potential employee, we want you to know we are trying to build a different kind of manufacturing environment where employees are valued and can work hard, but in an environment with people who you want to work with. Check out our open jobs or just send us your resume to be considered for a future position.